About Amy Scully

Couples Counseling & Individual Therapy.


“My continuing passion is to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other’s presence, each other’s wonder, each other’s human plight.”

Edora Welty


Life is so good in so many ways

amy with drop shadow 525 heightLife is so good, full of opportunities for fulfillment, joy, and contentment. But by its very nature, it inevitably leaves a mark. If we try to protect ourselves and avoid pain, we often end up isolated and alone. If we choose to take risks and be vulnerable, we can experience great joy, but also great heartache. In spite of our best efforts to live fully, often our own choices and mistakes, and sometimes the choices and mistakes of others, leave painful reminders of hopes dashed, trust betrayed, and dreams abandoned. Hopelessness, disappointment, and grief become overwhelming and constant, and in order to cope, we often withdraw, lash out, or find ways to avoid the pain. But the truth is, none of these will help in the long run.

My hope is that in difficult times like these, I can be both a source of compassion and understanding to help you through your struggles and a careful listener who makes you feel heard, accepted, and valued. I believe that sharing your burden may give you space to see what is getting in your way, clarity to know what you can change, and strength to perhaps approach your situation differently and more effectively. At times, you may just need me to walk beside you as you face painful and difficult circumstances. Ultimately, my goal will be to help you find courage, hope, determination and a new emotional flexibility to bend with challenging times in order to live a life unencumbered by past mistakes and present doubts.

My Philosophy

All of us are meant for love, respect and belonging, even though the complexities of life can sometimes make it hard to uncover and fulfill our most important needs. Oftentimes, we doubt our value and purpose, our relationships fray, and unwelcome patterns keep us stuck until we step back and look at the whole picture – it is then that we can make the most creative choices. We can learn to break free of old patterns that are destructive and painful and create new habits of thinking, feeling and acting. Therapy can be life giving to that sacred process. Good therapy breaks us open to possibilities for living and aliveness that we never thought we had.

My Education

My undergraduate study was at Vanderbilt University and my graduate work was at the University of Georgia where I completed a Master of Social Work with specialty certification in marriage and family therapy. I have worked in a range of clinical settings including hospital emergency department psychiatric services, in patient acute mental health crises intervention and stabilization, domestic violence victim safe housing and domestic violence crises services. In addition to these degrees I have earned advanced training in a range of therapeutic practices and models including Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT), Non-violent Communication, Inner Relationship Focusing, Restorative Justice Circles facilitation and mindfulness. I have an extensive background in the study of eastern philosophy and spiritual practices (my undergraduate degree was in Asian Studies with a concentration in comparative religions). I teach yoga and meditation and I will draw on that background to help you learn to attune to your physicality as a tool for change.

I consult with a wide diversity of couples, individuals and groups. Some clients are facing problems with living like low self-esteem, procrastination, blocks to intimacy, shyness and anger. I have also worked with adults experiencing serious mental health symptoms like clinical depression, anxiety, addiction, suicidality, urges for self-harm, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and personality disorder.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the easing of tension”

 Martin Luther King Jr.