Parent Coaching

Opportunities for parenting growth and discovery

Reaching Our Highest Potential

Raising our children is one of the most important tasks we face in life. At the same time it is also one of the most difficult tasks, and unlike so many other things, we can’t get a degree in ‘Parenting’ and our children do not come with an instruction manual. As parents we do what we think is right, based on our own values and upbringing. But times have changed, children have different questions and needs than when we were growing up. On top of that, the world has become much larger and there are many more outside influences, such as technology, affecting our children. This makes parenting quite a challenging task. Therefore Parent Coaching can be valuable for every parent. It is a way of increasing your awareness in the parenting process and of purposely working on reaching specific goals as a parent.


A Transformational Process


Through my extensive professional experience as a parent coach, couples’ and family therapist as well as the mother of three adult children, I will work with you, helping you to find new strategies that fit your family and your children. By exploring the unique situations you face, the individual needs and temperament of your child or children I will support you to gain a new perspective that energizes you to try new things. You are the expert of your family which we will combine with my expertise in parenting, family life, psychology and coaching. Together we can catalyze a transformational process that will help your children feel secure and connected, while you can return to enjoying your children and your role as a parent.